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Cool links for SFDC Tools and Best Practices

I was going through the Best practices for and Trigger template. It will be really helpful if we could follow it in our code.You can also find lots of interesting tools for here.

Found this awesome IDE and data loader on the cloud !!! – Workbench . I would have loved to have metadata export on this. If anyone knows a tool not an app through which we can export metadata (not like an XML) more like a spreadsheet which can be used for documentation and data mapping please drop a comment here.

Finally Vote for all the ideas in this link. These are all the features worth having in SFDC.

There are many a times where we need to mimic a standard page through VF. Creating them to mimic it is a hard thing. But it can be done with a single click , whole code gets generated.

You can check that out here. Pretty cool stuff aint it for SFDC Admins SFDC Developers.


How to Identify SobjectType Dynamically in Apex

Here is a script that answers your How to Identify SobjectType Dynamically in Apex

getKeyPrefix of Schema.getGlobalDescribe can be used to identify dynamically the SobjectType in Apex.

String prefix = recordId.substring(0,3);
String objectType;
Map<String, Schema.SObjectType> gd = Schema.getGlobalDescribe();
for(Schema.SObjectType s : gd.values()){
if(prefix == s.getDescribe().getKeyPrefix()){
objectType = s.getDescribe().Name;

recordId consists the Id of the sobject Record for whose SobjectType needs to be identified. Above piece of code does it well.


Hate Windows 8? Microsoft replacing it with Windows 9


Windows 8 is a big attempt designed by Microsoft that runs well in all PC?s and tablet. Many users feel very easy to use their apps very well and in a better way in windows 8. However, not many users were comfortable with its features, they found this upgraded version bit complex and till date XP has been considered the most favourite version of Windows. Each time, when Microsoft brings out something with newer features, the complexity and user adaptability to it also matters on its success.

At present Microsoft is planning to bring out Threshold which is officially called Windows 9 which will be launched in April 2015. At this point, it looks like we will have to wait a while to see what the new OS actually looks like or get our hands on a developer preview. The Microsoft is trying to include things which they missed out in Windows and make it more user-friendly.

The Windows 9 is trying to bring back the Start option that was more useful for many users of windows. Windows 9 is also expected to feature Metro 2.0 ? some kind of maturation of the current Metro design language that dominates the Windows 8 Start Screen and apps.


Signs Your Laptop or PC May Have Been Infected with a Virus


Computer viruses are computer programs coded in such a way to disrupt the various functionalities and running of your computer software programs. Computer viruses cause disrupt through repeatedly performing a process or stopping the execution of a genuine program that you wish to run or even can steal the information stored in your pc and can share to un ethical hackers or cyber criminals.

Computer virus is similar to human virus that spreads very soon once it is downloaded unknowingly with another file and can affect the whole system within few days. When your system starts working improperly with a particular unwanted program could not be deleted just like that then it is the first sign for virus.

If you are unable to move your mouse pointer on the screen moves automatically or if few programs open automatically, these could be symptoms of virus attack too. When a particular program takes more time than normal to start then it is a sign for a problem. Few files may go missing or few applications too. It doesn’t only affect the system alone sometimes the printer too gets affected that printing also becomes a problem. It is better to have anti virus loaded in the system so that such virus can be avoided.


Google Maps is now Available for iPhone


To quench the map thirst of millions of iPhone users, Google finally rolled out its much awaited Google Maps for iPhone. The same day the App was launched it was made available in Apple app store and was welcomed with numerous downloads with a common feedback from all praising its interface for better accuracy and ease to locate places.

It offers both 2D and 3D view of places that could be either tilted or rotated for better views. The search box is placed at the top and the information found can be custom placed in middle or bottom which is expandable for more detailed information such as address, directions, images and as such.

Also, this app features with better voice guided information on navigation and real time traffic conditions. This app is definitely a boon for commuters in metropolitans as they can avoid traffic jams and congestions using it. This app is at present available for more than forty countries and supports 29 popular languages.


Must-have apps for your new Gadget


Got yourself a new mobile or tablet or a communication gadget, then here are few must have apps for your new gadget. As there are separate specific apps for each type of gadget such as iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android installed and as such based on the manufacturer, it is better to know the must have apps and then you can get the relevant version of it suitable for your device.

The first and foremost apps sought after by everyone is for social networking such as Facebook and twitter. And then to browse the web – a good browser apps, to search information a good search apps, for viewing videos and to download and listen music best video and music apps.

Then for safety especially in case of girls there are popular top five must have apps which can be used in case of emergencies and helps to locate the person. And apart from this apps for Google maps for locations and directions and for best news updates use the apps of popular news sites.


Salesforce and WSSE Security Headers


I wanted to name this post as WSSE security header or How i lost my war with the webservice team much like this movie (If you have not watched this i would strongly recommend to watch it).

The requirement looked pretty straight forward consume wsdl , send the request and handle the response. But we faced the issue of WSSE headers. It looks something like this *********

The WSDL did not have the header part . So while sending request the above header was not present. The first approach we took was if it was possible for webservice team to support httpheaders instead of soap header. It was denied immediately.

The next step was to code the header into the generated apex class. It is bit tricky and involves extensive understanding of  WSDL2APEX functionality

5 Tips to Defend Against Viruses and Worms


As we expose ourselves more and more in the Internet through our online presence we become more vulnerable to pc attacks by viruses and worms which are malicious programs that shall infect our pc and steal our personal information and thereby enabling hackers to tune it for their unethical purposes. At times, these may even eat up our secured and important information of high value.

The top 5 Tips to Defend against Viruses and Worms and thus protect your pc are

1) Installation of most recommended anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing software in your pc and if you find them costly at least go for the free version of them.
2) Enabling firewall and secure browsing in pc and networks in which the pc is connected.
3) Prevent too much of downloading of files, especially pirated ones from file sharing sites which are the hub of viruses and worms.
4) Take a backup of your important files and format your hard drive once in a while, also keep your anti-virus software updated.
5) Clear your browser cookies and cache memory after every browsing period. Whenever there is a possibility for secured browsing of a site, go for it. Check every file or attachment for viruses before downloading, copying from other devices and before sharing them.


Batch scheduler Class Testing


Template for batch & scheduler class test method:@isTest

private class Test_Nameofurclass {
    static testmethod void test_Nameofurclass (){
        DateTime currTime =;
        Integer min = currTime.minute();
        Integer hour = currTime.hour();
        String sch;
    if(min <= 58)
            sch = ‘0 ‘+ (min + 1) + ‘ ‘ + hour + ‘ * * ? ‘+ currTime.year();
            sch = ‘0 0 ‘+ (hour + 1) + ‘ * * ? ‘+ currTime.year();
    nameofschedularclass obj = new nameofschedularclass  ();
    String jobId = system.schedule(‘test’, sch, obj);
        CronTrigger ct = [SELECT id, CronExpression, TimesTriggered, NextFireTime FROM CronTrigger where id = :jobId];
        System.assertEquals(sch, ct.CronExpression);
        insert test records satisfying your query.
        database.executeBatch(new nameofurbatchclass());