Monthly Archives: July 2016

Google Maps is now Available for iPhone


To quench the map thirst of millions of iPhone users, Google finally rolled out its much awaited Google Maps for iPhone. The same day the App was launched it was made available in Apple app store and was welcomed with numerous downloads with a common feedback from all praising its interface for better accuracy and ease to locate places.

It offers both 2D and 3D view of places that could be either tilted or rotated for better views. The search box is placed at the top and the information found can be custom placed in middle or bottom which is expandable for more detailed information such as address, directions, images and as such.

Also, this app features with better voice guided information on navigation and real time traffic conditions. This app is definitely a boon for commuters in metropolitans as they can avoid traffic jams and congestions using it. This app is at present available for more than forty countries and supports 29 popular languages.