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Signs Your Laptop or PC May Have Been Infected with a Virus


Computer viruses are computer programs coded in such a way to disrupt the various functionalities and running of your computer software programs. Computer viruses cause disrupt through repeatedly performing a process or stopping the execution of a genuine program that you wish to run or even can steal the information stored in your pc and can share to un ethical hackers or cyber criminals.

Computer virus is similar to human virus that spreads very soon once it is downloaded unknowingly with another file and can affect the whole system within few days. When your system starts working improperly with a particular unwanted program could not be deleted just like that then it is the first sign for virus.

If you are unable to move your mouse pointer on the screen moves automatically or if few programs open automatically, these could be symptoms of virus attack too. When a particular program takes more time than normal to start then it is a sign for a problem. Few files may go missing or few applications too. It doesn’t only affect the system alone sometimes the printer too gets affected that printing also becomes a problem. It is better to have anti virus loaded in the system so that such virus can be avoided.