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Must-have apps for your new Gadget


Got yourself a new mobile or tablet or a communication gadget, then here are few must have apps for your new gadget. As there are separate specific apps for each type of gadget such as iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android installed and as such based on the manufacturer, it is better to know the must have apps and then you can get the relevant version of it suitable for your device.

The first and foremost apps sought after by everyone is for social networking such as Facebook and twitter. And then to browse the web – a good browser apps, to search information a good search apps, for viewing videos and to download and listen music best video and music apps.

Then for safety especially in case of girls there are popular top five must have apps which can be used in case of emergencies and helps to locate the person. And apart from this apps for Google maps for locations and directions and for best news updates use the apps of popular news sites.