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5 Tips to Defend Against Viruses and Worms


As we expose ourselves more and more in the Internet through our online presence we become more vulnerable to pc attacks by viruses and worms which are malicious programs that shall infect our pc and steal our personal information and thereby enabling hackers to tune it for their unethical purposes. At times, these may even eat up our secured and important information of high value.

The top 5 Tips to Defend against Viruses and Worms and thus protect your pc are

1) Installation of most recommended anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing software in your pc and if you find them costly at least go for the free version of them.
2) Enabling firewall and secure browsing in pc and networks in which the pc is connected.
3) Prevent too much of downloading of files, especially pirated ones from file sharing sites which are the hub of viruses and worms.
4) Take a backup of your important files and format your hard drive once in a while, also keep your anti-virus software updated.
5) Clear your browser cookies and cache memory after every browsing period. Whenever there is a possibility for secured browsing of a site, go for it. Check every file or attachment for viruses before downloading, copying from other devices and before sharing them.